We offer some of the best class options in the Lake Travis area.

Take advantage of the variety of classes which are included with your membership.

Class Schedule


1. Slow Flow Yoga | 11:00 AM


1. Bootcamp | 09:00 AM
2. Strength, Length and Burn | 05:30 PM


1. Slow Flow Yoga | 06:00 PM


1. Noth’n but Bells | 09:00 AM
2. Strength, Length and Burn | 05:30 PM


1. Intro to Strength
Training & ORT | 05:30 PM


1. Total Burn | 09:00 AM


1. ORT | 09:00 AM


Our trainers’ support and accountability in a group fitness-style environment and watchful eyes help stretch the body and mind to achieve your fitness goals utilizing a mix of TRX, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells, Bikes, Dumbbells, and more. We’ll have you sweating and getting Lakeway’s best workout in no time.

High-Quality, Scalable Workouts



Build your strength and fitness with exercises set to get your heart rate up! This class will work on a variety of muscle groups for total body strength!

Intro to Strength Training

A beginner's class that can take your physique to the next level. We will challenge you to improve overall strength & fitness while learning proper techniques.

Noth'n But Bells

Get the benefits of resistance training and cardio in 1 class. Taught with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and sandbells. Come prepared to sweat!

Obstacle Race Training (ORT)

Train with the BodyWise Bandits for upcoming obstacle races. | *$5/class

Strength, Length and Burn

1-hour class infuses elements of strength training, yoga, pilates, barre, and flexibility. Burns in all the right places!

Total Burn

Cardio intervals and a strength circuit will kick your metabolism into high gear!

Slow Flow Yoga

This is a slower paced Vinyasa class with a focus on deep breath and awareness of the subtleties in each posture. There will still be plenty of challenges even in the most basic of shapes we find ourselves in through taking our time and finding proper alignment. We will find our movement and find time to slow down at the end. You will leave feeling more present, grounded, and renewed.

At BodyWise, group workouts are excellent but it's worth taking at least one personal training session.

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